Grammy Award Winning Vocal Coaching

Vocal methods to reveal your artistic edge and develop precision, power and effortless vocal production.


Vocal Coaching

EM's Vocal Coaching service provides one-on-one lessons for artists who want to achieve better control of their voice, regardless of their experience.  We shape our core teaching elements into a unique program of lessons to suit your own artistic journey, showing you how your voice works and giving you a comprehensive set of tools to express your authentic sound. 

Our vocal coaching program includes:

  • Fundamental technique
  • Range mapping & extension
  • Vocal physiology & wellbeing
  • Pitch accuracy 
  • Increasing strength 
  • Safe vocal styling

Vocal Consultancy

Frances Dickinson (vocal consultant for EM) offers an elite level of service for professional recording artists requiring support with:

  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Vocal health & rehabilitation
  • Studio preparation
  • Tour assistance & support

This service is designed to offer quick and effective solutions for clients with busy schedules such as recording deadlines and performance pressures (both overseas and on the road). We can be available 24/7 on request and will travel to your preferred location.

Contact us here for more information.

Need a Vocal Assessment?

Technical: We provide vocal coaching assessments for record labels, management firms and other professional bodies working with vocal artists. We will deliver a full evaluation, technical appraisal & recommended training plan. 


Medical: We have experience working with artists under the care of medical professionals and will work in conjunction with your specialist to get you back to full vocal health.