Songwriting for Chart Success

Cutting-edge songwriting techniques for artists who want to create commercially fresh sounds from the get-go.


Lyric Writing

Our lyric writing program shows artists how to apply industry songwriting techniques and develop songs relevant for today's market. We show artists how to inject lyrical hooks, succinct phrasing and crisp sensory imagery into their songwriting to keep their listener invested throughout the whole track, without compromising their artistry.

Our lyric modules for songwriting include:

  • Identifying core themes
  • Section structuring & contrast
  • Content-rich wording
  • Strategic rhyme placement
  • Development through sections

Music Theory

The music theory program provides artists with the essential songwriting toolkit for transforming musical motifs into hit songs. We teach fundamental techniques for song construction, melody shaping and hook writing and show clients how to apply these songwriting principles within their chosen genre.

Our music theory for songwriting includes:

  • working through the modes
  • melodic phrasing & shaping
  • hook writing
  • pattern analysis
  • chord systems & formulas


We create co-writing opportunities for songwriters. We pair emerging artists with industry experienced producers and writers to help them apply new skills in a professional context. We have a vast and talented network of songwriting professionals.