Global Artist Development 

Tools and strategies for artists who want long term success in the global music market.



EM specialises in helping recording artists develop to their full creative potential. We collaborate with professionals working in the industry to provide our artists with career changing opportunities.

Our development programs can be accessed by artists at any stage of their career, regardless of whether they are self-funded or being supported by management or a record label. We design a unique process for each client, which harnesses their individual talent and potential and provides them with the tools they need to be a cut above the rest.

What makes us different?

EM has years of experience providing leading-edge training and artist development in the music industry. We have a strong network of talented writers, coaches and industry professionals, and our clients have achieved multi-award winning success across the globe. Check out our clients here.

extremely knowledgeable and generous with their craft… a rare talent.

(Victoria Blood, 
Music Consultant)